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Pole this weekend

So another action packed weekend of pole. On Saturday, my pole buddy and I worked on our dead lift, I got my knees to my stomach on 2 occasions, but that’s was it. Happily my arm didn’t bend underneath me like previous occasions, which might not be progress as such, but I am counting it as progress. We also got the devils point shuffle and transition from gemini to scorpio in what we call ‘the pocket’ other wise known as the space between ones hips and ribs. The problem with working in the pocket is that if you relax your stomach muscles it seriously hurts. In the pocket there are less grip points as well. The main grip points are the pocket and the inner thigh, as opposed to using the inner thigh, side/back of the body and arm pit as my pole buddy and I have been taught previously.

So here is a video of the devils point shuffle, This is Alethea Austin and friend busting out some awesome moves. Around 1.15 secs there is some transitions in the pocket from gemini to scorpio without leg extension.

In my Sunday pole class we learned a crazy new move from a cross knee release… I struggled to get past the cross knee release as I havent done one since I learnt to do them straight legged, but I eventually got the cross knee release… right around the time the rest of the class had moved on, so hopefully I can get the next part of that move next weekend. 🙂

In other news, I have been knitting a sock for the last year, over the weekend I took it from about 15 inches of sock back yarn again. I had been decreasing unevenly some how and the cable that was to go straight down the back of my leg ending on the Achillies tendon ending up on my malleolus instead. Not cool! I tried to pick up stitches above the decreases, but made a bigger mess so the whole lot was unpicked. I will revisit them in a couple of weeks… Probably right around the time I start getting cold feet and wished I had awesome knee high socks. 🙂


So, this week has been seriously busy at work. Its also the first week where I felt like I couldn’t cut it as a nurse. The residents in the part of the nursing home I work in were rather unsettled for various reasons. Last weekend I brought a pedometer to see how far I walked in a day, this week I averaged 7.5 kilometres. But this post is a bit of a rant about dysfunction in the health care system, so consider yourself warned.

Today, I wanted to get a doctor in to review a resident so I rang the surgery and got no further than the receptionist. She was quite adamant that the doctor would not be reviewing my resident under any circumstances until Monday nor would she be referring the resident to the Locum GP service, even if the resident had been sick for 3 days.

I find this to be disgraceful as I can understood not getting an appointment for non-urgent medical care, but I wouldn’t be ringing for the doctor to come in if I thought we could handle it in house and a wiser person than i, once said that you can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat the old and ailing people… Or something along those lines. Our health care system needs a serious overall if someone in need of urgent health care cant see a doctor! I am sure there are loads of word-ier, smarter people who have and can come up with ideas for how to solve this problem since I have no answers.

Luckily, when I rang the locum GP service, the lady there was extremely understanding of the situation (as well as outraged by the surgery) and found a way around the problem so my resident could get seen. The staff suspected a bowel obstruction given her history, along with Transient Ischemic Attacks earlier in the week, waiting until Monday could have been detrimental to her health.

End rant!


Phoenix Update.

I was hoping to do this update on Saturday, but there was some hijinks at work that threw me for a loop! And work has been crazy ever since.
On Saturday morning, we had pole practice and I wanted to practice my phoenix a bit as well as the devils point shuffle. I didnt end up practicing the phoenix as we couldnt lock the pole off to static which put a dampened on that plan! But I practiced my dead lift prep and its starting to come along. I am now able to bend one knee up on occasion with out my bottom arm crumpling like it used to. Here is a short video from Emotioncatcher’s youtube channel explaining how it should be done (linky because I cant post video’s yet, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaXt8grAh84 )… NB: mine looks nothing like this…..
My super awesome pole buddy and I managed to do the devils point shuffle fairly easily. It wasn’t pretty, but the general components were there! I got stuck a few times trying to invert with my hands in a different position and I stopped after I smashed my shin on the point at a high speed. Finally, I get a nice bruise, its been months! I have been practicing inverting with the different hands so next Saturday I can nail the devils point shuffle. 🙂

The inaugural post!

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my blog!
This year I am hoping to nail a pole move called a phoenix, so I am declaring 2012 the year of the Phoenix.
‘Course writing a blog solely about pole is a bit out of character for me as my attention span isn’t that good, so I have decided that the year of the phoenix could mean anything. Especially since I am a super new nurse (been in the job for 3 weeks now…) and a bunch of other things.
So hopefully I will be interesting enough to write a bunch of stuff about a bunch of topics!
My phoenix practice is coming along nicely, I am getting to perpendicular to the pole after the throw around, but damned if I know how people can get their butt over their heads in this move! I will need another workshop to work that bit out having done a workshops and learned the basics of the throw around.
A friend of mine found a few tutorials on YouTube for a dead lift handspring, and which has been pretty helpful and I am taking bits and pieces from the tutorials and adapting them to the phoenix.
I shall endeavour to find some videos of a good phoenix and then upload one of me doing it to show the difference!